Unreturned Lost Calls

Modified on Thu, 23 Jun 2022 at 10:14 AM

This report style generates a list of external inbound abandoned calls where a valid calling telephone number (CLI/CallerID) was received from the network provider by the telephone system. Abandoned calls where a subsequent return call to the outside party has been successfully made, or where the external party has then called in again and been successfully answered, are highlighted in green and removed from the generated list automatically after a minimum of 15 minutes. 
The report style is most useful when run for the "Real-Time" date/time option as the abandoned call list is immediately updated, either when a new abandoned call is generated on the telephone system, or when a successful return call is made to a previously abandoned caller.

Please note the following -

1. The report won't show inbound calls where no CLI/CallerID was sent by the calling party.

2. If you have a hunt group number in your Device Filter, you must tick the "INCLUDE CALLS FOR GROUP DEVICE MEMBERS" option on the "Advanced" tab of the report. This is because the returned calls will be originating from an individual's extension, and not the hunt group itself.

3. If a device outside of the device filter returns the call, the report will still display an unreturned lost call against the devices configured in the device filter.

Note that on Akixi 3000 configurations, this report can also display LiveChat contact items, assuming the correct Omnichannel integrations have been configured by the administrative user. This works much the same way as with calls, and will show LiveChat items that have been missed, as well as when these have been actioned.

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