This report style displays a list of the telephone numbers that external callers have dialled in order to actually call devices or groups on the telephone system. Call statistics are displayed against each item. Telephone numbers are only shown for inbound trunk line calls where the network provider provided inbound DDI digit information to the telephone system for the corresponding call so that it could be routed accordingly.

Note that on the Siemens HiPath telephone system platforms, the application displays the "Call no" (i.e. the target device routed to for the corresponding DDI telephone number) rather than the exact digits of the called telephone number itself. DDI numbers are also only correctly identified & captured on the BroadSoft BroadWorks telephone platform when DNIS entries have been correctly configured within the application for every alternative public number that is associated against all device types on telephony platform itself.

Note that on Akixi 3000 configurations, this report can also be enabled to display email and LiveChat contact item statistics, assuming the correct Omnichannel integrations have been configured by the administrative user. This works much the same way as with calls, and will show statistical information for emails and LiveChat items against any given contact ID.