Calls By Account Code / Contact Items By Account Code

Modified on Mon, 22 Mar 2021 at 01:08 PM

This report style displays a list of account codes where the corresponding code was specifically entered against a call on the telephone system. Call statistics are displayed against each item. 

Note that on the Siemens HiPath and Panasonic TDA/NCP telephone systems, the application doesn't capture account code information for calls, so you cannot make use of this particular reporting style.

On the BroadSoft M6 telephone server platform, billing codes are captured by the application as account codes when entered over active calls - However, this only works when the platform is configured to allow billing codes to be specified by endpoint users pressing the Transfer button, dialling feature code sequence "*02" followed by the specified billing code, and then completed by dialling "#". Additionally, billing codes entered directly using an endpoint's "Billing" button are not captured. Note that the application doesn't capture "forced" account or authorisation codes permanently configured against endpoint users. Also, only the last entered billing code is captured on any particular call segment.

On the BroadSoft BroadWorks telephone server platform, call disposition codes are captured by the application as account codes when entered in over answered ACD calls using the BroadWorks Call Centre Agent application. Additionally, normal account codes are also captured, but the BroadWorks telephony platform only reports them when they are specified by extension users in a certain way. Endpoint users must enter them in as "optional" codes before the start of the call, or press the Transfer button on an active call, then dial feature code "*71" followed immediately by the specified account code, before going off-hook and optionally completing dialling by pressing "#". In order for codes to be captured at the start of calls, the code should first be accepted by the telephony platform where the corresponding phone generates a "Code Accepted" audio message and subsequently generates a dial-tone before the user actually dials the target telephone number (e.g. the user would dial "*71123#" or "*71123" to specify account code "123", wait for the audio message, and then dial the target telephone number). Forced or mandatory account or authorisation codes entered in before the start of calls are not captured by the application. Note that only the last entered call disposition or account code is actually captured on any particular call segment. Call disposition codes are also only supported for agents & ACD groups, which are both using the Premium Call Centre license.

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