This report style generates a historic list of ACD sign-in, sign-out, and other ACD status change instances performed by ACD agents. DND (do-not-disturb) state changes for extension device are also displayed. The reporting style can be run against any date/time option, although the report style doesn't support customisable report row sorting where rows are always ordered by their "Entry Time" field value. However, when the style is run for the "Real-Time" date/time option, newly performed ACD state changes are automatically appended to the end of the generated report output as they occur on the telephone system.

The report list also contains ACD & DND status entries that are automatically created at the beginning of the day, for every agent that remained signed in at the end of the previous day, or any extension device that has remained with their DND feature turned on from the day before. These entries are created so that other reports run on the current day are able to determine when these agents were signed in from and calculate ACD statistics for them accordingly, as well as calculate the cumulative time when extension DND state was enabled. The starting time of day used is the value set by the administrator user against the partition (tenant) that your particular telephony devices reside within. The default for this starting time of day setting is 12:00am, although you can request your administrator to change it to suit your specific working shift time requirements.