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Scope Filtering
Telephony Server
Choose the telephone system you want to run your report against. For most users, your designated user account will only have privileges to report on the telephone system corresponding to your specific telephony environment, in which case this value is automatically set for you.
Choose the partition (tenant) you want to run your report against.

Locational Filtering
Telephone No(s)
Enter a single, or multiple telephone numbers separated by commas to filter your report by.
Specify a device on its own, or multiple devices separated by a comma to filter your report by.
ACD Agent(s)
Enter in a specific ACD agent on its own, or multiple agents separated by a comma to filter your report by.
Location To / From
This setting allows you to specify how the report is specifically filtered by the telephone number, device, and ACD agent filter values. The setting is used to choose whether only the calling side, the called side, or both sides of the call are considered when filtering by these values.

Miscellaneous Filtering
Channel Type(s)

With Akixi 3000 it is possible to filter reports on channel type. This field can be found by modifying a report and accessing the Miscellaneous Filtering section under the Filter tab (steps 1-3 below).

Clicking on the drop-down list of the Channel Type(s) field will present the different communication channels available to report on. There is no limitation with this field meaning that one or multiple channel types can be selected and reported on at once.

Selecting the [Any Channel] option allows the Supervisor to report on all the channel types for the report that is being created and configured. By default, the [Any Channel] type option is selected when initially creating a report.

Call Type / Direction
Allows you to filter on the specific type and/or direction of calls.
Treat Conference Call As ExternalThis setting controls how conference calls are treated. Conference calls are treated by default as internal calls and by enabling the setting, conference calls are considered to be external calls in all statistic calculations. Note that this setting affects the result of filtering according to previous "Call Type / Direction" setting.
Answer Type
Allows you to filter on the answer state of calls. 
CLI/CallerID ReceivedAllows you to filter by whether distant end telephone number information (CLI/CallerID) was provided by the calling party and/or PSTN Network Provider.
DDI Digit(s)
You can filter by the significant DDI digits received from the network provider, that represent the external telephone numbers outside callers have dialled in order to actually call devices or groups on your telephone system
Account Code(s)Enter in a single account code to filter by, or enter in multiple account codes separated by the comma character to filter your report by.
Call Identifier
Allows you to filter & display only the specific call segment records for one overall call, for all call movement scenarios that have occurred on it, based on the call identifier value assigned by the telephony platform.

The above is a high-level overview for each section of the Filter tab. For a detailed explanation for each option press the F1 key, or press the Help button, from the Filter tab.

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