The report charting feature is only available for application users at licence level Akixi 1000 and above.

Almost all of the Akixi report styles support being displayed as a chart:

Wallboard Reports

In order to view the desktop wallboard report as a chart click the tile arrangement button  on the right-hand side of the report toolbar and choose "Display As Chart".

All Other Reports
For all other types of report click the display type toolbar button  and choose the "Charting View" option.

Numerous charting types such as line, area, bar, column, pie, and even radar graphs are supported. To change the chart type, use the "Chart Style" setting within the Report tab of the Report Properties window.

A guide on charting can be found on our website resources - Akixi Charting Guide

For detailed help on this feature press the F1 key and go to section 15 "Charting & Graphs" of the Akixi Online Help.