Why Are Reports Not Adding Up?

Modified on Thu, 19 Jan 2023 at 04:41 PM

In most cases, the statistics are purposely not meant to match because different report types calculate the same call statistics slightly differently in order to complement the intended use of the corresponding report.

In general, there are five main reasons why the same call statistics for different report types don’t always “match up”

Certain Reports Count “Both” Sides Of Internal Calls

The “Wallboard“ and time interval-based reports (e.g. “Calls By ½ Hour Interval”, “Calls By Day”, etc.) generate an inbound call statistic count for every single internal call that is matched by the report’s filter setting(s).

Conversely, the “Extension / Device Report” specifically groups call statistics by extension device and therefore only shows 1 internal call.

Certain Reports Count Inbound Statistics By Hunt Group Distribution, Not Extension Offer Count

Supposing a hunt group call was offered to a group member who didn’t answer, and then the call was offered to another member (e.g. a call advancement scenario). Then certain reports such as the “Wallboard” or time interval reports will count inbound calls & ring time differently in this case compared to an “Extension / Device Report”. The “Wallboard” & interval-based reports consider this as one overall inbound call on the assumption that this is the most logical way an end-user would want to count hunt group calls from a holistic basis.

However, the “Extension / Device Report” counts each group member offer instance separately, and also shows only the alerting/ring time of the call at each member (rather than the entire call wait time in the hunt group queue, which is how the “Wallboard” and certain other reports work).

Extension and Agent Reports Don’t Show Queuing Abandoned Hunt Group Calls
Hunt group calls that were never ever offered to an extension or ACD agent member because they were abandoned by the caller when the call was waiting in the queue, are also not shown within the either “Extension / Device Report” or “Call Centre Agent Report”. The “Wallboard” and most other report types would include such calls within their inbound statistic calculations.

Hunt Group Device Membership Filtering Option Doesn’t Match
Different reports where their statistics are being compared should all have the same “Include Calls For Group Device Members” setting configuration, which is found within the Advanced tab of the “Report Properties” window. This setting controls how the Device(s) setting within the Filter tab is used for calculating call statistics when it contains one or more hunt group device value(s).

Certain Reports Calculate DND State Times By ACD Agent DND (do-not-disturb) State Measurement Times
For example, those provided by the “Tot DND Off/On Time” and the “Avg DND Off/On Time” statistics may not always match between reports using certain different report styles.

For a detailed explanation of this topic press the F1 key and go to section 25 "Reports Not Adding Up?" of the Akixi Online Help.

In addition to the above, typically reporting supervisors tend to match the Akixi reporting data to another 3rd party source. In most instances you will find that the data volume doesn't match due to many factors, some includind the type of reports being used to lastly the Akixi Cradle to Grave reporting system.

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