What are "Advanced", "Overflowed Off" and "Abandoned" calls?

Modified on Fri, 24 Jun 2022 at 11:04 AM


These are most commonly calls that were offered to a device and were not answered within a pre-determined interval. The hunt group subsequently advanced the call onto the next available group member, or re-queued the call back at the group if no further group members were available.

They can also be hunt group calls that were subsequently picked-up by another extension using the  Directed Call or Group Pickup feature.

Overflowed Off:

These are calls that were offered to a device but not answered, they were then automatically forwarded or diverted to another device such as voicemail or to another hunt group. They can also occur when a call is diverted from an extension with its forwarding state set to another extension or group device.

Alternatively, waiting calls can also be manually overflowed by using the application's "Send Call To..." call control action, performed from other reports such as the "Active Call/Contact List", "Extension / Device Report", or "Call Centre Agent Report".



The total number of inbound calls that were routed or offered to the corresponding extension device, but were subsequently abandoned by the caller before the call was answered.

Note that these fields display the value "[Unlicensed]" when the "Akixi 1000", "Akixi 2000" and "Akixi 3000" license capability isn't available.

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